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Find the latest collection of leather wristlet purses at and feel the elegant styles of wristlet purses and handbags. With different styling and designs, we have included a multiple range of ladies wristlet purses only for you. Now, it's your choice to join your hands with us and order the handbag or purse that you like. The leather purse comes with three pocket design in order to store your money, ATM cards, mobile phone and other things. The Ila wristlet handbag comes in soft leather with cotton type lining material and comprises of Flap Pocket on its exterior.

Cande is the new type of smartphone wallet, purse and wristlet with elegant touches of diamonds and tassel, which are used for its decoration. The patchwork performed on this model is the main thing to see, which will enhance your outside beauty also. During the night wedding occasions, this wristlet purse is the best choice. This bowl shaped bag will add the new taste of style into your dressing sense, making you appear more beautiful among the other ladies. For newly married ladies, having such kind of wristlet purse is like a jackpot. The space of the bag is suitable enough to store the mobile or other important items.

Our wristlet wallet purses are secure enough to keep your money safe and sound. The material of these wallet purses is of top quality and are not so easy to get disintegrated. We supply a quality product and to deliver it on time, is our responsibility.

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